United Africa for Public Health & Development is a non-profit 201 c (3) social service community based organization initiated in Togo (West Africa) since 1996. In the State of illinois the organization was registered under the file number 6183-455-9 since September 2001.

Our goal is to serve as a resource for prevention and risk reducation education in health sector in general, and in AIDS epidamic in particular.

Our mission is to address and deliver a support services to meet the varied and complex needs of all demographically underserved communities in the metropolitan Chicago, and respond to the AIDS pandemic in Africa in the area of HIV prevention, education and care for people infected, affected and at risk regardless of language, financial, or cultural barries.

United Africa for Public Health & Development is staffed by experienced professional individuals, including physicians, licensed clinical social workers, licensed counselors graduate medical student, interns, legal consultants, Regional Directors, Country Liaison Officers, many dedicated volunteer worker and community leaders.

Recent accomplishment to date domestic ( Chicago)

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the greatest challenge facing our global community to date. The impact of this devastating desease affects us all, abroad and at home.

  • During the fiscal year 2005, we help American Red Cross touch the lives of over 330,000 individuals in the Greater Chicago area with valuable life saving information.
  • Through our partnership with the African Immigrant Ministries we have given out seventy five bicycles to the lost boys from Soudan as well as newly arrived  African immigrants. Most of these beneficiaries live in Kenmore, Winthrop and N. farwell Chicago Communities.
  • As of today, our HIV/AIDS prevention program has successfully reached over 200,000 participants of people of color most of them African descent by providing culturally competent prevention messages through religious institutions in the metropolitan Chicago.
  • Our partnership with agencies such us Chicago Department of Public Health, Task Force Community Service , Proactive Community Services, and Chicago Recorvery Alliance is providing, free HIV counseling and testing every Tuesday from 10 AM to 2 PM at Truman College
First Tuesday of the month Chicago Department of Public Health
Second Tuesday of the month Task Force Community Service
Third Tuesday of the month Proactive Community Services
Fourth Tuesday of the month Chicago HIV Risk Reduction Partnership for Youth (CHRRPY)

Recent Accomplishments to date International (Africa)

  • In 2003, our partnership with World Health Organization (WHO) many HIV/AIDS prevention and educational materials in French for nurses and midwifes has been reserved and distributes to our French Speaking Countries in Africa
  • Since 2002, through our partnership with Johns HopKins University Baltimore, Maryland many HIV/AIDS prevention and education videos in French and English Version has been reserved and distributed to our French and English speaking Countries in Africa.
  • Videos has become and important way to reach large audiences with HIV prevention messages and AIDS issues. This collection of videos highlights the various mass media methods used by group working to prevent HIV and confront AIDS Worldwide.
  • Through our Outreach Program ln LOME – TOGO ( W. Africa ) we touch the lives of many people by given out for free male and female condoms to Health Departments and agencies such as :
Ministere de la Sante Publique  LOME

Croix Rouge Togolaise  4 Dec 2007

Croix Rouge Togolaise 9 Oct. 2008
SWAA Togo Society for Women and  AIDS in Africa 13 Fev, 2008
Association pour la Sante de la Mere , du Nouveau -  ne  et de l’Enfant 13 Fev. 2008
Cercle  de Reflection pour l’Emergence des Jeunes (CREJe) 14 Fev. 2008
Polyclinique de LOME 16/09/2008
Aides Medicales & Charite (A>M>C>) 23 Sept. 2008
Centre Hospitalier universitaire de LOME  TOKOIN Dec. 2008
CHU Campus Service de Pharmacie
Centre  Hospitalier Regional LOME Commune 28 juillet 2009
Direction Regional de la Sante District Sanitaire N0 3  Hopital de BE 11 Aout 2009
Centre Hospitalier des Armes 04/09/2009
Centre Medical des Armes de la Gendarmerie Nationale LOME  16/09/2010